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Machine Learning What will you learn?

•Learn to use tools in Web designing-AngularJS.Master the most important aspects of Web designing-AngularJS.
•Learn Everything you need to know about Web designing-AngularJS
•Eliminate duplicate code and consolidate script files using Web designing-AngularJS.
•Learn or brush up with the basics of Web designing-AngularJS
•Learn how to write tests for error handling in Web designing-AngularJS.
•Learn the fundamentals of Web designing-AngularJS and get trained on analyzing data
•Learn the core fundamentals of Web designing-AngularJS to fast-track your development process
•Have an understand of Web designing-AngularJS and how to apply it in your own programs

Web designing-AngularJS Course Highlights

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•Training by Industry expert professionals
•Real time live project training and Guidance
•We enage Experienced trainers for Quality Training
•Indutry oriented training with corporate casestudies
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.
• Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time

Who are eligible for Web designing-AngularJS

•Android, Web Design, IOS, Android Development, Android Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Android Software Developer, Android Application Developer
•Front End, Javascript, Computer Graphics, Html, Css, Problem Solving, CSS, Web Technologies, Design, Software Development, Full Stack Developer
•Java, J2EE, Machine Learning, Image Processing, UI Design, UX Developer, C++, Python, Perl
•QT Developer, STB Domain, CAS, UX DESIGNER, UI Developer, HTML5, CSS3, JAVAScript, JQUERY, FIREWORKS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustratot, Embedded C++
•UI/Web Developer, UX Designer, Java Developer, PHP Developer, IOS/Android Developer, Business Development Executive, .NET Developer, .NET Lead, PHP Lead


AngularJS Introduction

&#10004Introduction to Client Side Scripting Languages
✔Basics of JavaScript and jQuery
✔Introduction to AngularJS and Its History
✔Why should we use AngularJS?
✔Execution flow


&#10004Introduction to Controllers
✔Creating Controllers and Actions
✔Calling action methods thru the browser
✔Returning from action methods
✔Parameters in Action methods
✔URL Routing
✔The need of URL Routing
✔Parameters in URL
✔Default Parameter Values
✔Parameters with Constraints
✔Literals in URL
✔Properties, Methods
✔Binding controllers with views
✔Controller hierarchy
✔Sharing data between controllers

Bootstrapping Angular APPS

&#10004Auto bootstrap
✔Custom bootstrap

Data Binding

&#10004Binding Model Objects
✔Model Objects Visibility


✔Difference between
&#10004scope &
&#10004emit and
✔JSON advantages
✔Using JSON in Angularjs
✔Use of
&#10004digest &
✔Binding Sources
✔Sharing Sources with DataContext
✔Data Templates
✔Value Converters
✔Collection Views
✔Data Providers

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Dependency Injection

&#10004What is Dependency Injection?
✔Implicit DI
✔Inline Array Annotated DI

&#10004inject Array Annotated DI

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Expressions

&#10004AngularJs Expressions, AngularJS Numbers
✔AngularJS Strings, AngularJS Arrays
✔AngularJS Objects

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Directives

&#10004Power of directives
✔Working with built in directives
✔ng-app, ng-init
✔ng-model, ng-repeat
✔ng-class, ng-template
✔Working with custom directives

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Filters

&#10004Adding Filters to Expressions, Directives
✔Working with built in filters
✔Creating custom filters

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Events

✔Hiding HTML Elements
✔ng-show, ng-hide

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-Modules

&#10004Controllers Pollute the Global Namespace
✔AngularJS Application Files

Understanding AngularJS Architecture-AngularJS XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)


AngularJS Forms & Input Validation-AngularJS Service Types

&#10004Constants and Values, Factories
✔Services, Providers

AngularJS Forms & Input Validation-Single Page Applications

&#10004What is SPA?
✔How to work with SPA in angular
✔Working with routes
✔Static & dynamic routing

AngularJS Forms & Input Validation-REST API Calls

&#10004Overview of REST API
✔Use of angular resource module