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WCF Training




IT Institute


Technology Learners


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Java Objectives

•How to apply WCF training Script.
•Learn how to perform cross-validation in WCF training.
•Learn to how to code and deploy WCF training
•How to write WCF training scripts to automate redundant tasks.
•Learning and Creating a complete WCF training project in depth
•The best way to learn modern WCF training step-by-step from scratch.
•You will Learn How to Create and Use Model in WCF training.
•Students will have a solid understanding on how to create WCF training App.
•WCF training -Learn how to use one component inside an other i.e complex components.

WCF training Training Highlights

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•Basic Training starting with fundamentals
•Get Certified at the Best Training Institute.
•Regular Brush-up Sessions of the previous classes
•Fast track and Sunday Batches available on request
•Courseware that is curated to meet the global requirements
•Flexible group timings to admit freshers, students, and employed professionals
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for WCF training

•.net, front end developer, Android Development, ios, Big Data, Web Development, java full stack, Service Now, Wintel Servers, Change Management, Database
•Java Developer, Php, Sales Management, Product Management, Software Services, Ui Development, MySQL, MongoDB, Nginx, NoSQL, Solr, Elastic Search, ApacheJava, Sales, Php, Oracle Dba, Ruby Rails, Salesforce, Big Data, Aws, Cloud Computing, Front End, Backend, Operations, It Administration
•Oracle Apps Testing, Functional Testing, O2C, Techical Support, Service Desk, IT Helpdesk, IT Support, Tech Support, java, J2ee, Java Developer
•Sfdc, Software Development, Visualforce, Salesforce, Sale Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, apex,, customization, detail


WCF Overview

&#10004Need for SOA
✔Why  WCF
✔WCF  Architecture

WCF Concepts


WCF Programming Model

&#10004Service Model
✔WCF  Programming  Levels
✔Installing  WCF


&#10004WCF  Addresses
✔Programming  WCF  Addresses

WCF Buildings

&#10004Predefined Buildings using  Code Using Configuration files

WCF Contracts

&#10004Contracts and  the relationship with CLR
✔Service  Contracts
✔Service  Types
✔Data Contracts
✔Message Contracts


&#10004Client Architecture
✔Client Communication Patterns
✔Defining  Client Bindings and Endpoints


&#10004Service Types and Contracts
✔Service Endpoints
✔Handling  Exceptions


&#10004Security  Overview
✔Authentication  &  Authorization
✔Windows-based  Authentication
✔Passport  Authentication.(WebServices)
✔Forms-based  Authentication
✔Authorizing  Users  and  Roles
✔User  Account  Impersonation
✔Use Access Control Mechanisms to implement database security
✔Use group IDs to create a control hierarchy
✔Describe Label Based Access Control
✔Describe privileges within a database
✔Describe privileges required for binding and executing a package
✔Describe the difference between explicit privileges & implicit privileges
✔Describe the different level of authorization
✔Security Behaviors and Bindings
✔Securing Clients and Services

Interoperability and integration

&#10004Web Service Protocol support
✔Web Service Enhancements
✔ Webservices

Deploying WCF

&#10004Installing WCF  Services
✔Upgrading Services
✔Troubleshooting WCF installation

Hosting WCF services

&#10004Hosting WCF services