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SQL Online Training Institute


Working Professionals and Freshers


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

60 Days

SQL What will you learn?

•Best practices for SQL
•Learn to write Array in SQL.
•Learn SQL best practices and become a blackbelt.
•Cover all basic Concepts with in-depth description of SQL.
•You will know how to design SQL from scratch.
•Learn how to model in SQL with no previous experience
•Understand and make use the new Features and Concepts in SQL
•The students get hands on experience of how things happen in SQL?
•Learn SQL with hands-on coding exercises. Take your SQL Skill to the next level

sqletl developer t sqlstored proceduresetlssis Training Highlights

•Career guidance providing by It Expert
•Certificate after completion of the course
•Doubt clarification in class and after class
•Our Trainers with 15+ years of teaching Experience
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•100% Guaranteed Placements Support in IT Companies with Big Salaries
•Affordable fee structure to help as many students strive career in IT industry
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for SQL

•.net software engineer, Team Lead, Senior Soft ware engineer, Technical Architect, Program Manager, .net Developer, Biztalk Developer, others
•Cognos Developer, Ab initio developer, Java Developers, .net Architects, Informatica, MSBI, Tivoli Monitoring, Oracle Apps functional and technical, change
•Java, .Net, Selenium, QTP, DBA, PHP, Neoload, Manual Testing, Rest, Soap, Web Services, SQL, UI, Peoplesoft, Cloud
•Php Developer, Html Developer, front end developer, Ux Designer, Angularjs Developer, Software Developer, Software Testing, Dotnet Developer, Ui Developer, Ui
•Software Developer, quality testing engineers, Ui Developers, Oracle Apps, Sap Modules, Sharepoint Developers, Tibco Developers, .net Developers, java


What is SQL
•What is ETL ?
•What is T-SQL
•What is SSIS
•What is a Data Warehouse
•What is visual studio
•Setting Database System
•Installing Visual Studio – Part 1
•Installing Visual Studio – Part 2
•Download MS SQL Server 2014 Express
•Install MS SQL Server 2014 Express
•Download Adventureworks sample database
•Attach Sample Database
•Install MS SQL Server 2017 Express
•Download AdventureworksDW Database
•Download and Install SSDT
•What is SSMS
•What is a Schema
•T-SQL Functions
•AVG Aggregate Function
•MIN Aggregate Function
•MAX Aggregate Function
•SUM Aggregate Function
•COUNT Aggregate Function
•GROUPING Aggregate Functions
•VAR Aggregate Function
•VARP Aggregate Function
•RANK Function
•NTILE Function
•ROW Number function
•DENSE RANK Function
•Analytic Function Syntax
•LEAD Analytic Function
•LAG Analytic Function
•LAST_VALUE Analytic Function
•First _Value Analytic Function
•CUME_DIST Analytic Function
•PERCENTILE_DISC Analytic Function
•Extracting Data From Multiple Tables
•Extracting data using an INNER Join
•Extracting data using a LEFT Outer Join
•Extracting data using a RIGHT OUTER Join
•Extracting data using an FULL OUTER Join
•T-SQL Stored Procedure
•Introduction to stored procedures
•Creating stored procedures
•Modifying stored procedures
•Properties page of a stored procedure
•Viewing dependencies of a stored procedure
•Deleting a stored procedure
•Viewing definition of a stored procedure
•CRUD Stored Procedures
•What is CRUD
•Naming Convention
•Basic Application Design Structure
•Stored Procedure For CREATE CRUD Operation
•Stored Procedure For READ CRUD Operation
•Stored Procedure For UPDATE CRUD Operation
•Stored Procedure For DELETE CRUD Operation
•Developing ETL with SSIS
•Create a new SSIS project
•Add a Flat File Connection Manager
•Remap Column Data Types
•Add and Configure OLE DB Connection Manager
•Add a Data Flow Task
•Add and configure Flat File Source
•Add and Configure Lookup Transformation
•Add and Configure Lookup For DateKey Transformation
•Add and Configure OLE DB Destination
•Test and Run Package