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Deep Learning What will you learn?

•Troubleshoot advanced models in Salesforce.
•Learn by example, by writing exciting programs
•Become a better developer by mastering Salesforce fundamentals
•Different tips on how to handle the Salesforce interviews.
•Learn Salesforce from Scratch with Demos and Practical examples.
•Learn Salesforce For Beginners. The Complete Course With Practical Examples
•Easy learning Mastering Salesforce 4 with hands-on theory and practice guides
•Build a strong knowledge base on Salesforce from Scratch to Advanced level
•Learn the fundamentals of the Salesforce using both a theoretical and practical approach

Salesforce Course Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•Get Training from Certified Professionals
•Real time live project training and Guidance
•Regular Brush-up Sessions of the previous classes
•Highly Experienced Trainer with 10+ Years in MNC Company
•We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•The course is all about familiarizing the trainees with simpler and smarter ways to develop the skills required for Implementation.

Who are eligible for Salesforce

•C, c# c c++, Java Developer, Php Developer, dot net c#
•HPSM, HPAM, HP PPM, HPBSM, Python, SAP Apo, SAP APO DP, SAP APO SNP, Testing, HP DMA, SAP MM, Mainframe Developer, ETL Testing, JAVA Developer
•Microsoft Azure, Azure, Sql Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Testing, SQL, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Oracle, Business Objects, Issue Resolution
•React.js, core, .net Core, React Native, Front End Developers, .Net Developers, .Net Tech Leads
•Websphere Message Broker, Ibm Bpm, Odm, Cognos Bi, Filenet, Tivoli, Datapower, Redhat Linux, Cloud Computing, Mobile Testing, Devops, Java, .Net, Python


Definition Of Cloud Computing And Types

&#10004Definition of cloud computing
✔On-demand advantages of Cloud computing
✔Services of Cloud computing
✔Saas(Software as a Service)
✔PaaS(Platform as a Service)
✔IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)
✔Types of Clouds
✔Public Cloud
✔Private Cloud
✔Hybrid Cloud
✔Community Cloud

Definition Of Salesforce And It’s Products

&#10004Importance of Salesforce
✔Importance of CRM and Solutions
✔Growth of Revenue using CRM
✔comparison of Salesforce CRM with other CRM Products
✔Salesforce Products
✔Salesforce Features and Edition Limits

Salesforce Administration-Sales Cloud-Generic Business Process

&#10004Features of Sales Cloud

Salesforce Administration-Service Cloud and Customer Service

&#10004Features of Service cloud
✔Public Knowledge Base
✔Self-Service Portal
✔Escalation rules

Salesforce Administration-Company Information

&#10004creating Company Profile
✔Setting Fisca Year, Business Hours
✔Setting Holidays and Language
✔Identifying Edition

Salesforce Administration-Salesforce-Force.Com Platform

&#10004Creating User Login Credentials
✔Setup-Personal Setup
✔About Administration Setup
✔Standard Applications,  Tabs and Objects
✔Creating Custom Application(Design), Custom Objects and Custom Tabs
✔Creating Custom Fields Using DataTypes and Picklist and Dependencies

Salesforce Administration-Manage Users

&#10004Creating users and Roles
✔Creating Custom Profiles
✔Discussion on Standard Profiles
✔Creating Permission Sets and Public Groups and Queues
✔Login History

Salesforce Administration-Relationships in Salesforce

&#10004Lookup Relationship
✔Master-Detail Relationship
✔Many to many Relationships
✔Junction Object
✔Rollup Summary Felds
✔Real-time Scenarios

Salesforce Administration-Applying Validations And Formulas

&#10004Overview of validation
✔Creating Validation Rule
✔Apply Formula in Validation
✔PageLayout on Objects
✔Mini PageLayout
✔Search Layout
✔Record Type
✔Field Level Security on Layout

Object Level Security Model (Table)

&#10004Profile Level
✔Permission Set Level

Field Level Security Model (Column)

&#10004Profile Level
✔Page Layout Security
✔Permission Set Security

Record Level Security Model-Sharing Settings (Row)

&#10004Overview of Record Level security
✔Sharing Rules
✔Grant Access Using Hierarchies
✔Internal Access
✔External Access
✔Manual Sharing
✔Owner Based Sharing Rule
✔Both Usage of Profile and OWD
✔Real Time Scenarios

Workflows and Approvals

&#10004Overview of Workflows
✔Email Alerts
✔Field Updates
✔Outbound Messages
✔Time Dependent Workflow Actions
✔Order of Execution
✔Approval Process Definition
✔Dynamic Approval Process
✔Multi-Step Approval Process
✔Parallel Approval Process
✔Approval Process Actions
✔Real Time Scenarios

Data Management with SFDC

&#10004Overview Import wizard
✔Limitations on Import Wizard
✔Data Export
✔Import Objects
✔.CSV File usage in salesforce
✔Import Data into Salesforce
✔Data Loader
✔Mass Transfer Records and Delete of Records

Process Builder

&#10004Overview of Process Builder
✔Working with Process Builder
✔Workflows With Process Builder

Community Creation

&#10004Customer community
✔Partner Community
✔Creating User On Community

Security Settings

&#10004Single-Sign-on settings
✔Session Settings
✔Password Policies
✔Identity Provides
✔Login Access
✔Identity Connect
✔Email Admin Setup

Email Administration

✔Test Deliverability
✔Organization-Wide Addresses
✔Setting Email Footers
✔Compliance BCC Email

Administrative Integration

&#10004Overview on Declarative(no-code) and Programmatic (coding)
✔Integrating SFDC to SFDC, SFDC to Excel and SFDC to Facebook

Reports and Dashboards

&#10004Importance of Reports
✔Discussion On Standard Report
✔Creating Custom Report, Tabular Report, Summary report, Matrix Report
✔Creating Joined Report and Report Types
✔Applying Filters on Report
✔Run Report
✔Export Report
✔create Dashboard
✔Fetching Dashboard in to Visualforce

Resolving Project Issues

&#10004Overview on Types of Projects
✔Issue Capturing and Priority
✔Issue Resolving and escalation
✔How Real-time Issues
✔Overview on Outlook Email
✔Code Checking
✔Agile Methodology
✔How to Clear RoadBlocks
✔Office Communicator(O.C)

Salesforce Development-Project Related

&#10004Resolving User Issues In Project
✔Importance of User In Application
✔Real time project explanation and Project Business Process
✔Project Development Life Cycle
✔Project Management Tools
✔Sandbox and UAT
✔Change Set

Salesforce Development-Before Start Development

&#10004Enable Development Mode
✔MVC Architecture
✔Developer Console Usage
✔Query Editor Usage
✔Execute Anonymous Window
✔Create Class Using Developer Console and Visualforce Using Developer Console
✔Test and Debug Using Developer Console
✔Installing Eclipse

Salesforce Development-Visualforce Pages

&#10004Comparison With HTML Tags
✔Create VF Using URL, Developer Console, Standard Navigation and Eclipse

Salesforce Development-Data Sources In Visualforce

&#10004Apex Class Variables
✔Parameters Using URL
✔Global Standard Objects or Custom Objects
✔Static Data

Salesforce Development-Pageblock Tags

✔PageBlockSection, SectionItem
✔PageBlock Button and Location
✔CommandButtons and Actions

Salesforce Development-Input Components

&#10004InputText, InputField and InputSecret

Salesforce Development-Select Components


Salesforce Development-Message Tags


Salesforce Development-Panel Tags


Salesforce Development-Other VF Tags

✔include script