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Php And WordPress For Beginners




PHP Certification Course


Lateral Entry Professionals and Freshers


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

2 Months

PHP What will you learn?

•Learn about PHP Practices and guidelines.
•You will learn how to install PHP.
•Improve your front end design and development skills
•Learn about each and every major PHP component.
•Understand when and how to use PHP elements variables.
•Learn the PHP fundamentals you’ll be using day-in and day-outOne stop solutions and step by step process for learning PHP
•Understand PHP and how to use it in designing and building apps.
•Learn how to code in PHP This PHP Course is set up for complete beginners!

php and wordpress for beginners Training Highlights

•Get job-ready for an in-demand career
•We  Groom up your documents and profiles
•Learn Core concepts from Leading Instructors
•Online Training with 100% placement assistance
•60+ Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for PHP

•C, c# c c++, Java Developer, Php Developer, dot net c#
•Db2 Dba, SQL Dba, Java Developers, Java Lead, Firmware Developer, developer, Device Driver Developer, Hybris Developer, e Commerce Architect, ATG, WCS
•Java Developer, Quality Assurance, Core Java, Spring Mvc, Spring Boot, hibernate, jpa, Web Services, json, maven, angularjs, mysql, Sql Server, Tomcat, Uml
•React.Js, Javascript, Ui Development, Css, Jquery, Web Development, User Interface Designing, Cloud, AWS, Java, Spring Framework, Cassandra, Docker, Python
•Xml Publisher, Php Developer, Android Application Development, Html Tagging, E-publishing, Software Development


•Setting Up PHP Development Environment
•What is PHP
•Installing PHP
•XAMMP Control Panel
•PHP Syntax
•PHP Code Comments
•PHP Data Types
•Some examples of PHP Data Types
•PHP PRINT and ECHO Statements
•Introduction to PHP Variables
•What are Variables
•How to create Variables
•What are Variable Scopes
•PHP Local Variable Scope
•PHP Global Variable Scope
•PHP Static Variable Scope
•Introduction to PHP Operators
•What are operators
•Arithmetic Operators
•Assignment operators
•Comparison Operators
•Increment and Decrement Operator
•Logical operators
•String operators
•PHP Array Operators
•Introduction to PHP Conditional Statements
•What are conditional statements
•IF Statements
•IF ELSE Statements
•IF ELSE IF ELSE Statement
•Switch Statements
•Introduction to PHP Loops
•What are Loops
•WHILE Loops
•FOR Loops
•Introduction to PHP Functions
•What are Functions
•Function Arguments
•DATE Functions
•DATE Functions Part
•STRING Functions
•STRING Functions Part
•Introduction to PHP Arrays
•What are Arrays
•Indexed Arrays
•Associative Arrays
•Multidimensional Arrays
•PHP Project Build A MIni Website
•What we will build
•Creating the website Part
•Introduction to WordPress
•What is wordpress
•Installing WordPress locally
•How to access WordPress locally
•Bitnami Manager
•Shared Hosting and Domain Name
•Getting Domain Name and Hosting
•How to change hostgator password
•Installing wordpress on shared hosting
•How to Login and Logout of WordPress
•How to change WordPress Password
•Post WordPress installation emails
•Create a Business or Personal Website with WordPress
•What is a WordPress Theme
•How to change WordPress Theme
•WordPress Plugins
•Creating a Logo
•Adding Logo to website
•Getting Images for a slider
•Adding images to slider
•What are Widgets
•Exploring Widgets
•Adding a gallery to website
•Adding social media icons to website
•Adding video to webpage
•Editing Permalinks
•Creating blank webpages
•Creating a menu
•Adding content to pages part
•Adding a contact form and Google Maps
•Changing font properties
•Adding links