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Oracle Certification Objectives

•Learn to use tools in Oracle Certification .Work with standard programming skills in Oracle Certification .
•Learn Oracle Certification best practices and become a blackbelt.
•How to store and handle file upload in Oracle Certification .
•Learn while you build rich interactive applications with Oracle Certification
•Learn how to build bug-free, memory safe applications and programs
•How to focus on writing the correct code to execute Oracle Certification .
•An easy way to learn Oracle Certification and start coding right away!
•Learn the essential skills to level-up from beginner to advanced Oracle Certification developer in 2021!

Oracle - RAC & Grid Infrastructure Administration | 1Z0-068 Training Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•Course delivery through industry experts
•Get Certified at the Best Training Institute.
•Personal attention and guidance for every student
•We hire Top Technical Trainers for Quality Sessions
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•Make aware of code competence in building extensive range of applications using Python
•Lifetime access to our 24×7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system.

Who are eligible for Oracle Certification

•C, c# c c++, Java Developer, Php Developer, dot net c#
•embedded platform software engineers, embedded multimedia developer, Middleware Developers, Android Middleware, device driver developers, c, c++, linux
•Java Developer, Quality Assurance, Core Java, Spring Mvc, Spring Boot, hibernate, jpa, Web Services, json, maven, angularjs, mysql, Sql Server, Tomcat, Uml
•Python, Django, Automation Testing, Cloud Computing, Aws, Java, J2ee, Web Services, Soap, Rest
•Senior web designer, senior web developer, Ui Designer, Ui Programmer, php, mysql, smarty, jquery, Javascript, ajax, bootstrap, html 5, css 3, android, ios


Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 160+. Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration | 1Z0-068 Test series 1Z0-068 practice test It cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-068 certification syllabus. You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems. Exam Topics: Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration Grid Infrastructure Explain the principles and purposes of clusters Describe the Oracle Clusterware architecture Describe how Grid Plug and Play affects Clusterware Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC Install the Oracle database software Create a cluster database Perform post-database-creation tasks Convert a single instance Oracle database to RAC Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC Configure the RAC database to use ARCHIVELOG mode and the fast recovery area Configure RMAN for the RAC environment RAC Database Monitoring and Tuning Identify RAC-specific tuning components Determine RAC-specific wait-events, global enqueues and system statistics Implement the most common RAC tuning practices Use the Cluster Database Performance pages Use the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) in RAC Use Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) in RAC Managing High Availability for Connections and Applications Configure client-side connect-time load balancing and failover Configure server-side connect-time load balancing Use the Load Balancing Advisory (LBA) Explain the benefits of Fast Application Notification (FAN) Configure server-side callouts Configure the server- and client-side ONS Configure Transparent Application Failover (TAF) Managing Oracle RAC One Node Perform an online database migration Add an Oracle RAC One Node database to an existing cluster Convert an Oracle RAC One Node database to a RAC database Use DBCA to convert a single-instance database to a RAC One Node database Using Multitenant Architecture in a RAC Environment Describe the multitenant architecture in RAC and non-RAC environments Create a RAC multitenant container database (CDB) Create a pluggable database (PDB) in a RAC CDB Use the default CDB and PDB services Create PDB services to associate PDB services with server pools Drop a PDB from a RAC CDB Oracle Clusterware Architecture Explain the Oracle Clusterware architecture Describe Oracle Clusterware startup details Grid Infrastructure Installation Planning and Pre-Tasks Plan for Grid Infrastructure installation Verify system and network requirements Install required OS packages Set kernel parameters Create groups and users Create directories Configure shell limits Managing Cluster Nodes Perform the prerequisite steps to extend a cluster Use addNode to add a node to a cluster Delete a node from a cluster Policy-Based Cluster Management Explain the architecture and components of policy-based cluster management Administer server categorization Administer a policy set Activate a policy Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware Locate the Oracle Clusterware log files Enable resource debugging Enable component-level debugging Enable tracing for Java-based tools Troubleshoot the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) file Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Administration Overview of ASM Explain the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) architecture Describe the components of ASM FLEX ASM Describe the architecture and components of Flex ASM Install and configure Flex ASM Manage Flex ASM Administering ASM Files, Directories and Templates Use client tools to access ASM files Describe the format of a fully qualified ASM file name Explain how ASM files, directories and aliases are created and managed Describe and manage disk group templates Oracle CloudFS Advance Topics Configure ACFS auditing Implement ACFS encryption Configure and manage ACFC replication Implement ACFS tagging Describe the ASCF plug-in architecture Configure High Availability NFS RAC Databases and Architecture Describe the benefits of Oracle RAC Explain the necessity of global resources Describe global cache coordination Administering Oracle RAC Use Enterprise Manager Cluster Database pages Define redo log files in a RAC environment Define undo tablespaces in a RAC environment Start and stop RAC databases and instances Modify initialization parameters in a RAC environment Managing Global Resources Explain the need for global concurrency control Describe the Global Resource Directory Explain how global resources are managed Explain global enqueue and instance lock management Explain global buffer cache management Managing High Availability of Services Configure and manage services in a RAC environment Use services with client applications Use services with the Database Resource Manager Use services with the Scheduler Configure services aggregation and tracing Upgrading and Patching Oracle RAC Describe the different types of patches Plan for rolling patches and rolling updates Install a patchset with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) utility Install a patch with the opatch utility Using Oracle Database Quality of Service Management (QoS) Explain the purpose and benefits of using QoS Describe the components of QoS Explain the operation of QoS Oracle Database 12c: Grid Infrastructure Administration Introduction to Clusterware Explain the principles and purposes of clusters Describe Cluster hardware best practices Describe how Grid Plug and Play affects Clusterware Flex Clusters Explain the Flex Cluster architecture and components Describe the effect of node failure in a Flex Cluster Grid Infrastructure Installation Install Grid Infrastructure Verify the installation Configure ASM disk groups Traditional Clusterware Management Perform day to day Clusterware administration tasks Perform Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) backup and recovery Manage network settings Explain the scope and capabilities of what-if command evaluation Upgrading and Patching Grid Infrastructure Explain the types of patches and upgrades available Plan for rolling patches and rolling upgrades Compare software versions with the active version Install a patchset with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) Install a patch with the opatch utility Making Applications Highly Available with Oracle Clusterware Explain the hivh availability components of Oracle Clusterware Explain policy-managed and administration-managed databases Create an application Virtual IP (VIP) Manage application resources Administering ASM Instances Explain and apply initialization parameters for ASM instances Manage ASM instances and associated processes Monitor ASM instances using the V$ASM dynamic performance views Administering ASM Disk Groups Create and delete ASM disk groups Set the attributes of an existing ASM disk group Perform ongoing maintenance tasks on ASM disk groups Explain key performance and scalability considerations for ASM disk groups Administering Oracle CloudFS Administer ASM Dynamic Volume Manager Manage ASM volumes Implement ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) Use ACFS snapshots

Eligiblity for Certification :

Oracle Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

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