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Learning Apache Cassandra




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Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Apache Cassandra What will you learn?

•Learn How To Use Apache Cassandra.
•See how to build a Apache Cassandra code.
•Learn Apache Cassandra Programming The Fast and Easy Way!
•Learn Apache Cassandra with Practical Hands-On Exercises for beginners
•Understand when and how to use Apache Cassandra elements variables.
•The best way to learn modern Apache Cassandra step-by-step from scratch.
•Components states props how to pass variables between components in Apache Cassandra.
•Create Apps using Apache Cassandra From Scratch and scale it up to any level
•Learn Apache Cassandra from beginner to advanced level. Learn with examples and interactive sessions.

learning apache cassandra Course Features

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•25+ projects for good Learning experience
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
•We hire Top Technical Trainers for Quality Sessions
•Collaboration With 500+ Clients for Placements and Knowledge Sessions
•Affordable fee structure to help as many students strive career in IT industry
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Apache Cassandra

•Angularjs, Core Java, .Net, Ui Development, Ssis, Ssrs, Mobility Architect, Java Architect, Devops, Android Developer, Ios Developer
•DBA, Developers, Programmers, Software Engineers, QA Managers, Product Managers, Development Managers, Mobile Developers, IOS Developers, Android
•java, .net, php, Software Testing, Automation Testing, oracle, sap, msbi, tableau, networking, Linux Administration, storage, full stack developer, devops
•React.js, core, .net Core, React Native, Front End Developers, .Net Developers, .Net Tech Leads
•Software Development, .net, java,, Sql Server, database, Software Testing, javascript, Agile Methodology, Cloud Computing, html, application


Introduction to Cassandra
•The Course Overview
•What Is Apache Cassandra
•Key Space Table Schema Partition Key and Clustering Key
•Start a Single Node Cassandra Database
•Introduction to Cqlsh Command Line Client
•Loading and Reading Data
•Cassandra Distributed Architecture
•Node and Ring Structure
•Replication and Consistency Model
•Racks and Datacenters
•CAP Theorem
•Read Repair Hinted Handoff
•Understanding Files in the Data Directory
•Use Nodetool to Examine Performance Statistics
•System and Output Logs
•JMX to Monitor Metrics
•Choosing the Appropriate Compaction Strategy
•Data Modelling Principles
•Primary Key and Cluster Ordering
•Denormalization and Design for the Read Performance
•Optimizing for BlindWrites
•Data Modeling Principles
•Data Modelling in Cassandra
•Collection Types
•Static Columns
•Indexes Materialized Views
•Data Aggregation
•Counter Type
•Data Modeling in Cassandra
•Optimization of Data
•The Impact of Frequent Updates and Delete
•Wide Rows and Primary Key Considerations
•Load Testing with CQL Stress
•Logged and Unlogged Batching
•Integrating Cassandra Database with Your Application
•A Maven Project Using the Java Driver
•Connection Information for the Driver
•Basic Statements
•Using Prepared Statements
•Understanding Errors
•Overview of Apache Spark
•What Is Apache Spark and Spark Architecture
•Get Started with Spark
•Working with Sparks Data Structures RDD Data Frame and Dataset
•Setting Up the Spark Connector
•Connecting Spark with Cassandra
•Writing Data to Cassandra from Spark
•Reading Data from Cassandra Using Spark RDD
•Join Aggregate Data Using Spark Data Frame API and Spark SQL
•Cassandra Aware Partitioning in Spark
•Integrate Cassandra with Spark Streaming
•Use Cases for Near Real Time Stream Processing Using Spark Streaming
•Advanced Stream Receiver Using Kafka Connectors
•Stateless and Stateful Transformations
•Persistence of Live Stream on to Cassandra