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Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Python Objectives

•Learn Fundamental Concepts of Python
•You will learn how to install Python.
•Learn how to build an app in Python.
•How to Make and design Web apps Using Python.
•Write Compile and Run codes and apps using Python.
•What is Python and How to Build apps using Python.
•Learn the Ins and Outs of Python in few Hours
•Understand Python and how to use to build web applications on to Python.
•Learn Python with hands-on coding exercises. Take your Python Skill to the next level

introduction to python affd Training Features

•Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing
•25+ projects for good Learning experience
• Helps you stand out in a competitive market
•Personal attention and guidance for every student
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Courseware includes reference material to maximize learning.
•We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Working Professionals
•We help the students in building the resume boost their knowledge by providing useful Interview tips

Who are eligible for Python

•Cms, Ecm, Documentum, Java, J2ee, Sap, Ui Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Oracle, Oracle E-business Suite, Bpm, Wcm
•Digital Marketing, General Manager, Business Development, Product Manager, Big Data, Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, Human Resources, data
•java, .Net Developer, Selenium Testing, Production Support, Business Analyst, UI Developer, Manual Testing, Sevice Desk Engineer, Unix Support
•PHP, MySQL JQuery, Application Developer, Net, .Net, Asp, Vb, Visual Basic, Vb Script, ASP.Net MVC, WCF, C#, SQL Server, .NET Framework, JQuery, XML, OOP
•Web developers – Database application developers and Embedded Application developers, Web Applications HTML – CSS – JavaScript – JQuery – API


Getting Started with Python
•Section 1
•Working with Primitive Data Types
•Working with Primitive Data Types pt.2
•Working with Primitive Data Types pt.3
•Working with Primitive Data Types pt.4
•Working with Primitive Data Types pt.5
•Section 2
•Working with Multiple Assignments Statements
•Section 3
•Convert Types in Python
•Section 4
•Creating Lists
•Section 5
•Modifying Lists
•Section 6
•Sorting and Reversing Lists
•Section 7
•Slicing Lists
•Section 8
•Working With Operators
•Working With Operators pt.2
•Working With Operators pt.3
•Section 9
•Determining Operator Precedence
•Section 10
•Working with IF Statements
•Section 11
•Working With For Loops
•Section 12
•Working With While Loops
•Work With While Loops
•Section 13
•Nesting for Loops
•Section 14
•Reading Files
•Reading Files pt.1
•Reading Files pt.2
•Section 15
•More on Files
•Section 16
•Merging Emails
•Section 17
•Reading Console Inputs and Formatting Outputs
•Section 18
•Reading Command Line Argument
•Section 19
•Defining Functions
•Section 20
•Using Default Argument
•Section 21
•Using Keyword and Positional Arguments
•Section 22
•Handling Exceptions
•Section 23
•Using Math and Random Modules
•Section 24
•Displaying Daytime Working Directory and File Metadata
•Section 25
•Alphabetic Order
•Area of a Triangle
•Find Largest
•Multiplication Table
•Random Word
•Rock Paper Scissors
•Roll The Dice
•Word List