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Cracking Coding Interviews Mastering Algorithms




Algorithms and Data Structures Professional Course


Working Professionals and Freshers


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

45 Days

Algorithms and Data Structures Objectives

•How to secure Algorithms and Data Structures services.
•How to create elements dynamically in Algorithms and Data Structures.
•Learn how to develop, build and deploy Algorithms and Data Structures
•Build deploy and run your Algorithms and Data Structures configuration and code.
•Learn or brush up with the basics of Algorithms and Data Structures
•Learn how to get a Job as a Algorithms and Data Structures developer .
•Learn all the hooks and crooks of Algorithms and Data Structures at your pace.
•Understand Algorithms and Data Structures and how to use it to write styles programmatically in Algorithms and Data Structures.
•Learn the essential skills to level-up from beginner to advanced Algorithms and Data Structures developer in 2021!

cracking coding interviews mastering algorithms Training Highlights

•Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing
•We  Groom up your documents and profiles
•Flexible batch timings – Weekend & weekdays.
•Online Training with 100% placement assistance
• Greater productivity and increased workforce morale
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•Flexible group timings to admit freshers, students, and employed professionals
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Algorithms and Data Structures

•Android, Android Sdk, Freshers, Electronics, Java, Android Developer,,, Application Support, Software Engineering, Advanced Java, android
•Digital Marketing, General Manager, Business Development, Product Manager, Big Data, Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, Human Resources, data
•Java Fullstack Developer, Java, Javascript, Data Structures, OOPS, Cassandra, NoSQL, Big Data, CI, XSLT, Maven, XML, Web Services, Microservices, SQL, Rest
•QA and Testing, erp, IMS, Cloud Computing, c# c c++, core java j2ee, oracle plsql unix shell script, cobol jcl db2 vsam cics, Sharepoint C#
•Software Engineer, Business Operational Analyst, Project Manager, Software Test Engineer, Android Developers, HTML5 Developers, IT Help Desk, IT Freshers


Breakdown of a Technical Interview
•Big O Notation
•Top 3 Secret Tips for Passing Any Technical Interview
•Arrays and Strings
•Unique Characters
•Two Sum
•Group Anagrams
•Balance Parentheses
•Binary Tree Inorder
•Binary Search Tree Search
•Same Binary Tree?
•Symmetric Binary Tree?
•Validate Binary Search Tree
•Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List
•Clone Graph – Depth First Search
•Clone Graph – Breadth First Search
•Word Ladder
•Number of Islands
•Phone Number Combinations
•Combination Sum
•Dynamic Programming
•Unique Paths – Bottom Up
•Unique Paths – Top Down Memoization
•Climbing Stairs