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Complete Unity Artificial Intelligence Android Development




Unity and Blender Online Training


Working Professionals and Freshers


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Unity and Blender Objectives

•Learn everything about {Coursetopics} in Unity and Blender.
•You will learn how to install Unity and Blender.
•Learn how to build an app in Unity and Blender.
•Students will learn how to build apps using Unity and Blender.Learn Unity and Blender programming best pracitices, SOLID, Design and more!
•You can learn Unity and Blender to code like a pro!
•Learn the Ins and Outs of Unity and Blender in few Hours
•You will have a strong understanding about how to develop Unity and Blender project.
•Learn the essential skills to level-up from beginner to advanced Unity and Blender developer in 2021!

complete unity artificial intelligence android development Training Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•25+ projects for good Learning experience
•Real time live project training and Guidance
•Best Opportunity To Both Learn And Work From Home
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Courseware includes reference material to maximize learning.
•Training time :  Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for Unity and Blender

•Big Data, E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Sap, Erp, Application Programming, Web Development
•Dotnet, Java, IOS, Android, SSE, TL, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, PHP Developer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Technical Manager, C#
•Java/j2ee, Microsoft, Erp, Cloud, Qa/testing, Automation Testing, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Project Management, Mobility
•Security Associate, Security Monitor, Security Analyst, senior security operations analyst, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Java Developer, DevopsSoftware Developer, IBM MDM, QA, Business Anlaysit, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Java, Informatica, DataStage, Project Mangement


Intro to Unity
•Unity Editor
•Moving a Cube
•Particle System
•Applying Physics
•Asset Store
•Intro to Coding
•If Blocks
•Intro to Inputs
•Key Presses
•Moving a Player
•Moving Forward
•Cycling Cameras
•Intro to Prefabs
•FAQ on Instantiating Objects – Unity
•Random Angles
•FAQ on Destroying Objects – Unity
•Explosion Effects
•Adding explosion effects
•(Project) Pathfinding Algorithm Game
•Project Setup
•String Map
•A-Star Setup
•A-Star Loop
•Auxiliary Methods
•Finishing the Algorithm
•Importing 2D Assets
•Building a Level
•From console to Visual
•Adding Tanks
•Identifying Nodes
•Creating Movement
•Moving the Tank
•Visually Moving the tank
•Smooth Movement
•Smooth Rotation
•Ordering the Tank to move
•Speeding the Player up
•Spawning Logic
•Crate Visuals
•Adding Crates to Valid Positions
•Collecting Crates
•Game Interface
•Score Counting
•User Interface
•Starting the Game
•Game Over Screen
•Finale and Resources
•Source and Assets – Mammoth Interactive
•Game 2 – Steering Behaviors
•Game 2 – Gameplay
•Adding a Background
•Creating a Spaceship
•Rotating the Player
•Camera Follow
•Asteroid Belt
•Modularizing The Rotation
•Creating Steering Behaviors
•Steering Behaviour Wander
•Steering Behaviour Seek
•Steering Behaviour Arrival
•Steering Behaviour Flee
•Steering Behaviours Pursuit And Evade
•Steering Behaviour Path Following
•Steering Behaviour Path Following (Cont’d)
•Steering Behaviour Follow Leader
•Steering Behaviour Separation
•Destroying the Player
•Explosion Animation
•Interface and Game Flow
•Source Files – Mammoth Interactive
•Downloading and Installing Android Studio
•Exploring Android Studio Interface
•Understanding File Hierarchy
•Exploring Activity-layout Relationship
•Setting Up an Emulator
•Running App and Implementing User Interaction
•Debugging an App
•Intro to Android
•Basic Operations
•Nullable Variables
•Collections Intro
•Mutable Lists and Arrays
•If Statements and Expressions
•When Statements and Expressions
•While Loops
•For In Loops
•Functions with Parameters and Return Values
•Classes and Objects Introductions
•Subclassing and Superclassing
•Intro to Kotlin
•Day 1 – Building an App
•Building the Layout Pages
•Connecting UI Elements to Activities
•Day 2 – List Behavior
•Intro and Building Custom Item View
•Building Custom Adapter
•Replacing Strings With Custom Todo Objects
•Day 3 – Interactivity and Database
•On Click Listeners
•Writing Database Schema
•Day 3 Summary
•Day 4 – Database Functions
•Implementing Database Functions
•Calling Database Functions
•Day 4 Summary
•Day 5 – Extra Features
•Adding Layout Modifications
•Displaying Todays Part Items Lists