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Complete Aspnet Core 31 Learn By Building Projects




aspnet Software Training


Freshers and Career Changers


Online and Offline Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

1.5  hrs in weekdays and 3hrs during Weekend

aspnet What will you learn?

•How To resolve errors in aspnet.
•Learn to write Array in aspnet.
•Learn aspnet Programming The Fast and Easy Way!
•How to store and handle file upload in aspnet.
•Learn how to design and create a aspnet app
•You can learn aspnet to code like a pro!
•How to focus on writing the correct code to execute aspnet.
•Understand aspnet and how to use it to write styles programmatically in aspnet.
•Dive in and learn aspnet step-by-step from beginner to intermediate level by building a practical project!

complete aspnet core 31 learn by building projects Training Highlights

•Most comprehensive Industrry curriculum
•Certificate after completion of the course
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•Project manager can be assigned to track candidates’ performance
•Flexible group timings to admit freshers, students, and employed professionals
•We help the students in building the resume boost their knowledge by providing useful Interview tips

Who are eligible for aspnet

•.net Developer, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Software Development, Linux Administration, java, Automation Testing, hybris, qtp, lamp, css, xml, manual
•Java Developer, Front End Developer, Visionplus Developer, Automation Testing, Selenium/ Tosca Testing, Functional Testing, Mainframe Developer, Connex
•Java Fullstack Developer, Java, Javascript, Data Structures, OOPS, Cassandra, NoSQL, Big Data, CI, XSLT, Maven, XML, Web Services, Microservices, SQL, Rest
•OBIEE, OBIA, ODI, PHP, QA, Oracle Apps DBA, SQL Sever DBA, Dot Net Developer, Automation Testing, Informatica Developer, UI Designer, Agile PLM
•Web Apps, ios/android/windows, Ux Designers, web/mobile developer, html5/css3/javascript/mobile code, testing, automation, manual, mobile, web, ui


Introduction and Required Software
•Courses Overview
•Required software
•Project 1: CMS and Shopping Cart
•New project
•Overview of files and folders
•Home controller, MVC and basic routing
•Project view files
•Database Context
•Page model
•Initial Migration
•Seed Data
•Admin area and Pages controller
•Admin Pages Index method
•Admin Index view
•Admin adding main layout abd shared views
•How views and models work
•Admin Page details
•Admin Create Page
•Admin POST Create Page
•Admin POST Create Page validation
•Notification message
•CSRF protection and disable home delete
•Admin Edit Page
•Delete Page
•Client side libraries and adding a wysiwig
•Sorting pages 1
•Sorting pages 2
•Admin Categories controller, model and migration
•Admin Categories Index
•Admin Categories Create
•Admin Categories Edit
•Admin Categories Delete
•Admin Categories Sorting
•Admin Products controller, model and migration
•Admin Products Index
•Admin Products Get Create and view
•Admin Products Create preview image
•Admin Product category validation
•Admin Product custom file validation attribute
•Admin Product Post Create
•Admin Post Product testing and adding products
•Admin Products Pagination 1
•Admin Products Pagination 2
•Admin Products Pagination 3
•Admin Products Details
•Admin Products Get Edit
•Admin Products Post Edit
•Admin Products Delete
•Delete Category Cascade
•Pages Controller and Page method
•Main Menu View Component
•Products Controller and Index
•Products by category
•Products pagination
•Categories view component
•Cart Controller and SessionExtensions class
•CartItem class
•Cart Index
•Enabling sessions
•Cart Add
•Cart Index view
•Cart Decrease
•Cart Remove
•Cart Clear
•SmallCart view model and component
•Ajax Cart Views
•Ajax Add to cart
•Ajax Add to cart2
•Cart Clear revisited and different returns
•Checkout 1
•Checkout 2
•Identity Migration
•User class
•Identity configuration and Account controller
•Get Register and view
•Register POST
•Password options configuration
•Login class
•Login GET and view
•Login POST
•Log out
•GET Edit account
•POST edit account
•Admin users list
•Admin Roles controller
•Admin Roles Index method and view
•Admin Roles GET create and view
•Admin Roles POST create
•RoleEdit model
•Admin GET edit role users
•Admin edit role users view
•Admin POST edit role users
•Admin area lockdown
•Admin area menu link, admin logout and lowercase urls
•Project 2: REST API and Client
•RestAPI create project
•RestAPI Pages model and controller and database connection
•RestAPI Get Pages
•RestAPI Get Page
•RestAPI Put Page
•RestAPI Post Page
•RestAPI Delete Page
•RestClient create project
•RestClient Pages controller and model
•RestClient Pages index and view
•RestClient Pages Get edit and view
•Bug fix and ckeditor
•RestClient POST Page edit
•RestClient Add Page
•RestClient Delete Page
•Standalone Lessons
•Dependency Injection 1
•Dependency Injection 2
•Environments and fallback href paths
•Middleware 1
•Middleware 2
•Filters 1
•Filters 2 – ActionFilter
•Filters 3 – ActionFilterAsync
•Filters 4 – ResultFilter
•Filters 5 – ActionResultFilter
•Filters 6 – ExceptionFilter
•Custom 404 page
•Bonus Material
•Bonus Video